D’un corps à l’Autre ( From one body to another)

(Auteurs: Tsovinar BANCUHYAN, Cédric PLESSIET)


D’un corps corps à l’autre ( From one body to another) is a multi-site installation in virtual reality. The simultaneous dance between the real body and the virtual body gradually reveals to us the « Trinity woman» living inside the performer. The performer fulfills a choreography in real time thanks to a motion capture device and takes control of three realistic virtual bodies created from a digitization of herself. The performance can be observed in a form of mediated interaction through a virtual reality headset. Spectators are being materialized in the virtual space as fire that can move freely, observe the scene and interact with the three virtual dancers.

Requirement needed to present the work including space and any technical needs

  • High speed internet connection
  • Space
    • 2m/2m per spectators
    • 2m/2m for the performer
  • A neuron mocap motion capture (provided by the artists)
  • A VR station per spectator who can be in several places (if necessary we can bring the machines and the virtual reality headset)
  • Simple computer workstations for standard spectators (spectators without interactions)
Tsovinar Banouchian en train de danser
l’artiste Tsovinar Banouchian effectuant un pas de danse
l’artiste Tsovinar Banouchian en tenue de capture de mouvement optique
capture de mouvement d’une danse appliqué à l’avatar
schéma explicatif de l’installation “d’un corps à l’autre”